• 5 Tips on Writing Email for Job Application

    When it comes to job application, writing an attractive email is always at the top of the line. There is no way that a recruiter would consider your profile if you don’t convey your abilities and attitude through a job application email. The key thing to remember is that an email becomes a differentiator for many when recruiter hand-pick the best talents from a pool of job seekers applying through online jobs in India.

    Your content in the email is the real factor that would push your profile ahead. To make your job application more responsive, you should consider some key factors while developing an email. These things are going to help you bag a good job, even after trying your luck on applying to dozens of jobs from free classifieds.

    Now, there are five key tips that can improve your job application mail.

    1.    Address warmly - Introduction to your email should be appreciative. It should convey how glad you are to get an opportunity to interview for the designated company. Make sure you don’t please the recruiter too much, but keep the introduction humbled and grateful.
    2.    Introduce yourself with pride - Take onus in representing your own candidature. Mention your experience, current position and the key ability that make you the best employee.
    3.    Follow this with your best traits - The internal paras of your email should discuss your skills, work experience and how you fit the job you’re applying for. For this, you need to study the company through their website, understand their value and adopt their preferences. You should then understand the Job Description extensively and add content that mends your skills as well as their expectations.
    4.    Propose an outcome - End your email by expressing how you’ll work and what you’ll help achieve by working at the designated company. This sets the tone that you already consider yourself confident to work in that company. Don’t oversell yourself, though!
    5.    Sign off, professionally - Express your thanks for their consideration and time, and put in a signature that’s simple and calls for an action.

    The next time you work on an email for job application, refer to these tips and see how it work.

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